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Why is Multi-Factor Authentication Beneficial?

To put it simply, multi-factor authentication (or MFA for short) provides us with extra steps to keep our online account safer – it offers a better information security. This is especially important if you need to secure the login process for your business online and ensure that all your apps and servers are best protected from unwanted eyes. Nowadays MFA is often a standard procedure implemented by small companies and big corporations alike.

The main advantage of Multi-Factor Authentication is that it gives you a supplementary layer of protection over your sensitive data. While strong passwords are still very much crucial, unfortunately they are simply not enough – everyone is encouraged to come up with complex passwords that are unique to one account, one profile, one email address but we don’t always take this advice to heart.

Firstly, a strong password doesn’t really offer us enough protection as on the whole passwords can be easily cracked. Secondly, in practice people often re-use the same password for many different things or keep the passwords way too straightforward; even after they have fallen victim to a scam.

This is precisely where Multi-Factor Authentication comes in. After you have entered your login details you will be prompted to provide some extra information. This security measure might come in many differentforms, such as:

  1. Time-based one-time password that can be sent to you via a call, an Authenticator app, or a text message
  2. Biometric indicator such as a fingerprint or facial recognition
  3. Context-sensitive information which could be related to your location or pattern of behaviour for instance
  4. Possession of yours which might include a smartphone or a smart card

One of the most common subsets of MFA is a two-factor authentication (2FA) which always uses exactly two methods to verify the identity of the end-user. Once one of these MFA measures is in place it means that just because someone gains access to your password the account itself will not be compromised. This in turn means that the more factors are in play the harder it can be to compromise an account, which is why MFA might rely on two or more credentials to verify your identity. So while it might sometimes seem a little inconvenient to grab your phone from the kitchen table when you’re relaxing in bed and just trying to check something quickly, remember that this truly helps to protect your account and diminishes the risk of someone stealing your details.

In conclusion, if you want to prevent your sensitive information from being hacked in a cyberattack you should consider using MFA as a helpful security measure against data breaches.

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