Why learn IT?

Won Connect CIC provides private computer classes to help people keep up with technology & access the Internet using various devices from laptops and PCs, to tablets and smartphones.

Computer literacy is an important skill to possess.

It’s almost impossible to imagine modern life without computers. They have become part of everyday life, and are essential for modern businesses.

Won Connect organises a variety of training programmes, aimed at individuals and groups based in Glasgow, which allows them to effectively use computers.

What We Do

One of our main aims at Won Connect CIC is to help individuals become independent and confident computer users.


Who Can Benefit From our Computer Class

This course is designed for those who want to improve their understanding of computer. Our class is designed for beginner and intermediate.

Whether you need to start from basic or want to improve your skills for an office job, we can help you. If you have never used a computer don’t let this discourage you from taking part.


Learn how to master the mouse, identify the important keys on the keyboard, open windows and programs, and start to learn the language of computers.


Practise browsing websites, searching for information, printing from the Internet, creating a list of favourite websites and learn about security issues to keep safe online.


Learn how to create an online email account, send, reply to, forward and open emails; attach a file to an email, open an attached file; print, sign in and out of your email account and learn about important security issues you need to know when using your email account.

And More

Private computer classes
Private Group classes
Free online classes
Remote Training Classes

The Support and Help We Offer:

We want all learners to go away from our courses feeling as though they have learnt useful, valuable and practical skills.

The programme was very relevant to me. The trainer is good at what he does. I think the 6-month was too short. I will recommend Won Connect to my friends and relatives.

William T



Come and learn with people just like you. Join an introductory computer class and learn what it’s all about. Friendly and fun, you have nothing to lose and lots to learn.

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Remote Computer Training

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Private group training is designed for a group of individuals friends, relatives or residents ...

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