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See the World…from Your Own Sofa

Besides being excellent tools that can help you find a job or keep in touch with your loved ones, digital skills serve another great purpose. And that’s…entertainment! Sometimes we might not be able to see everything we’d like due to many restraints (be either financial or otherwise). However, thanks to the internet, we can experience art & culture from around the world without ever leaving the house. While it might not be the ideal solution, it became ever more present during the last year when many of our favourite places could not accept visitors.

As you know, here at Won Connect your online safety is our top priority and every week we like to find easy ways for you to ensure your computer’s security and to learn more about the variety of digital concepts out there (cryptocurrency, VPN, etc.). However, once you’ve got the basics covered there’s no reason why you can’t explore all the good things that internet has to offer. So today we’ve prepared a list of activities that you can engage in from the comfort of your own home when the weather’s not so great or you’re stuck quarantining.

Digital entertainment:

  1. Online art exhibitions

Check out whether your favourite museum that still hasn’t re-opened its doors to public (or one that is miles away and you won’t be able to visit it in the nearest future) offers virtual tours of their collections. Many art galleries have been improving their online presence and one of the things that they’ve done to attract fellow art aficionados is upload their exhibitions in high resolution so that you can see the amazing works they hold, on your own computer.

  1. Theatre performances

For a limited amount of time, many institutions allow you to see their plays online. So whether you enjoy opera, musicals, or you’re in mood for some Shakespeare there are plenty platforms that can help you with that. All you need is a reliable internet connection and some free time on your hands. Some even go a step further and introduce subscription-based services, not unlike Netflix.

  1. Film festivals

Maybe theatre isn’t for you, but you love to explore the new film releases…In which case, there is a range of different festivals that take place online. Everyone can find their niche, from foreign films such as French Film Festival, to more local, i.e. Edinburgh International Film Festival, to animated and short films – there is an incredible variety of resources that you can use.

  1. Travel the globe

And finally, considering the ongoing technological progress it might come as no surprise that you can see *practically* any place on Earth from your device. Google Earth is an excellent tool to learn more about geography and admire the cities and countries all over the world. Or if you’re feeling a little homesick you can hop into your hometown with a little click of the mouse.

The more comfortable you are using the available resources safely, the more capable you are to discover the variety of things to safely do online. Mastering your digital skills can also help you land your dream job, feel more connected to your family, or engage in a new hobby. If you want to learn more, take a look at a range of courses that we provide or get in touch for any help.


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