We offer digital skills training classes in Glasgow and online which are suitable for both beginners who need to start from basics and advanced users who want to acquire new or improve existing skills. Browse our reviews below to discover how our learners enjoyed our classes.

Harry R - Learner

The internet and computer security were very valuable and extremely useful. The trainer welcomed questions and responded to them appropriately. The trainer was very patient and knowledgeable.

Lauren S - Learner

I came with low expectations and can say that the programme was beyond my expectations. I have enjoyed every moment. I know now how to create document, create and reply to emails. Use Skype to communicate with my family.

Adele A - Learner

Before starting this programme, I didn’t know much and was scared of using a computer or browsing online. I’m now familiar with an application such as word, Gmail, Skype. I can do my shopping online with confidence.

David D - Learner

The very best trainer I have had. I have improved so much. The programme was too short from my point of view. Participation and interaction were strongly encouraged.

John G - Learner

I know how to use online tools to communicate with relatives and friends. I understand how to safely browse online. This programme has given me the knowledge. I will recommend it to anyone.

Janice R - Learner

I can say with confidence that I understand the computer part and know how to create a strong password to protect my data, turn on a computer, create and send emails.

Jackie B - Facilities Coordinator
Toryglen Community Base

One of the reasons I invited the Won Connect to Toryglen Community Base was not only do they offer IT classes but are also trying to break down the barriers of isolation, especially in older adults. The learners take time out the class to get to know one another which would not normally happen in this situation.

The course overall and pace of the training has been rated excellent by our learners. Serge is very patient and has the ability to make the learners feel at ease. All in all, our learners have really enjoyed their experience with Won Connect and we can’t thank them enough for this.

Ross R - Digital Inclusion Coordinator
Queens Cross Housing Association

Having worked in partnership with Won Connect now for almost a full year I am happy to say that they (and Serge Sanle in particular) continue to work with the utmost professionalism at all times. The programme of social based learning they have created engages the attendees in a way that both comforts and reassures them while empowering them to help each other, share their stories and most importantly, continue to attend and learn!

Throughout our project, Serge has shown a willingness to adapt and amend both his working style and course content to suit the needs of the communities he is working, which to me, shows a level of understanding in the area which he works and also a belief in the process that is commendable.

I can and do wholly recommend the services of Won Connect to other suppliers in our network around the North Glasgow Area.

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