Highlight internet security software available for beginners

A Beginners Guide to Internet Security Software 2020

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Internet security is of vital importance.

In a world where we all secure our homes and cars, internet security shouldn’t be over looked either. Learn how to lock up and alarm your virtual doors by reading our Internet Privacy and Security advice – aimed at beginners.

Why do you require it?

We use the internet more and more, from shopping, to paying bills and browsing various websites and social media – it’s part of our everyday lives. This unfortunately means there are an increasing number of cyber criminals.

Because of this growing threat, it is now recommended that people should install internet security software in their personal computers. This particular software can fight viruses, prevent spyware from invading your computer, and it can also prevent a hacker from taking control of your computer.

The main features I should look for to protect my computer?


There are many programs that can spot a virus when it comes to email or websites, and this will spot any unwanted viruses and get rid of them instantly, whilst staying in the background so you don’t even know when it’s working.


Although spyware doesn’t cause a computer meltdown like a virus can, it’s damaging as without it your online activity can be monitored and if you’re dealing with sensitive data this could pose a threat. The good news is there are a host of good spyware checkers and removers to protect you and your computer.

VPN and Antivirus

It’s best to have an internet security system that includes VPN as well as an antivirus feature, as a VPN makes it impossible for your local Internet Service Provider to inject malicious code into your browsing sessions, although VPN doesn’t protect your computer against a virus by itself.

List of recommended VPN, Spyware and Antivirus:

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ProtonMail is the world’s largest secure email service providing secure and encrypted email service.

What types of Internet Security are recommended?

We recommend that you should have at least all the above protection features in one Internet Security Software, as to ensure that your computer is best protected.

What one should I chose?

There are many different Internet Security Software systems available to protect your computer. We recommend looking at different reviews from people who have used this software before and look for a system that offers optimum protection against malicious software and hackers. With a user review, you will know about the different capabilities of the software and know about the pros and cons.

We recognise this can seem overwhelming, and don’t let this put you off using your computer for sensitive information, as it has many benefits. Once you’re equipped to deal with any potential threats to your computer at home, you can enjoy your online experiences, safely.


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