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With the restrictions eased we are able to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

However, many of us still need to work and study from home and this gets particularly
challenging at times. Motivation is a great feeling but from time to time we all wonder how to
get past the procrastination stage. Especially now, when the routine has taken over and we
don’t feel safe to leave the house too often.

That’s precisely why it’s good to keep the following steps in mind.

Now, we’ll go over few
things that will help you be more productive:

First, structure is key. It’s great to clear your mind prior to the task and prepare yourself
mentally for what is to come, no matter if you’re about to prepare a business plan, decide on
how to reach future goals or check a simple errand off your list. You are presented with a
choice, either do your task and feel the satisfaction of following through with something or
leave it for another day and end up feeling guilty. All of us know what is the right way to
proceed but sometimes it’s still very tempting to enjoy the instant benefit of not doing
anything and instead leaving your worries for another day.

Secondly, a useful practice to include is to have a dedicated space for you to work at. This
simple trick makes it much easier to mentally separate your work tasks from your home life.
Moreover, a little change like that can make all the difference in terms of productivity. The
most important part is to stay away from your bed as it may interfere with your sleep. Opt for
a desk or a kitchen table instead.

Thirdly, if you’re struggling to stay focused it’s a good idea to limit the distractions for a while.
It can be particularly hard to work when something keeps interrupting our work, so switching
off your phone
or turning off social media notifications might just be what it takes for the
inspiration to strike.

Lastly, another way to boost your motivation is to split your work into smaller chunks and set
up a reward system for reaching a goal. Maybe after you complete one of your tasks take a
little walk to clear your mind and get some fresh air? Or perhaps a quick set of exercises will
help to make you feel more energized. Whatever helps you get back on track afterwards is
an excellent method of copying with the workload. Remember to let your eyes rest from a
computer screen once in a while as well, this can save you from an unpleasant headache at
the end of the day.

Above all, try to find something positive in everything you do or find a way to make the task
more enjoyable. Maybe organising documents on your computer won’t be as daunting if you
listen to your favourite album while doing so?


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