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This last year has been challenging and due to the many restrictions in place we’ve all probably experienced loneliness to a much larger extent than ever before. Social isolation, while necessary in these trying circumstances, can be extremely dreadful. Extended periods of isolation might have detrimental effect on our mental and physical well-being, so it is important to take steps to keep busy.

There is no denying that it is not an easy task to overcome such an intense emotion as loneliness without reaching out to others. However right now, it may not be possible to do so in person. This is precisely why digital inclusion is so crucial. Online environment gives us an opportunity to get in touch with family, friends, professionals, or services more easily and within minutes we can feel more part of a community. We are here to improve your connectivity with others and provide you with the tools that will make this experience less daunting – be sure to see what our Computer courses and Digital Training Programme have to offer.

In the meantime, there are certain things that will help to boost your mood:

Use this time to find new hobbies

When we’ve got nothing but time to spare it’s only natural that we start to dwell on negative thoughts, which in turn only increases our sense of loneliness. The best cure for that is finding an activity that will successfully occupy our mind and time. There is no shortage of activities that we can engage in – even in lockdown. For instance, physical activity is always an excellent way to get more energy. Even something as simple as a walk might make a big difference – it can help with that cabin fever we’ve all been struggling with and your body will thank you by releasing endorphins and improving your mood almost instantaneously.

Or you can get your creative juices flowing and try your hand at drawing or writing. Who knows, maybe there is a secret talent that you’ve had all this time and never really got a chance to explore?

Make the most of everyday interactions

While it is certainly much more difficult to engage with others at the moment it isn’t impossible. Cherish these little moments when you bump into your neighbour or somebody strikes up a conversation with you at the park. As long as you keep a safe distance from them and wear a mask there’s no reason why you should avoid those around you completely. A little wave or a quick exchange might make somebody’s day.

Set up phone dates with your friends and family

Something that I personally found to be helpful is making sure that I stay in touch with those close to me. Whether it’s just a text in the morning, a couple of photos during the week, or a scheduled chat every Sunday. The chances are that others are feeling just as lonely as you and you’re just a phone call away from rekindling an old friendship.

Declutter your house

A home renovation or a thorough cleaning of the house might just be the right solution. It is a good way to keep busy for a decent amount of time and the results are always satisfying to see. Clean house, clear mind!

Consider contacting a helpline

If none of these measures seem like enough, remember that there are plenty of organisations out there that provide a constant 24-hour support of health professionals who will help you find the best solution and course of care in your current situation. You can find a list of such organisations and charities summarised on the NHS

website: NHS mental helpline


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