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Could technology help combat social isolation? Especially with COVID further impacting the ability for us to socialise in 2020. As people age, they can often find themselves spending more time home alone. Isolation is linked to various health issues, the current pandemic has also intensified this, technology can help combat social isolation as it is vital to helping address these ongoing isolation factors, and our aim is to empower individuals to be confident when using different platforms.

How technology can help combat social isolation:

Stay in touch with family members

Bridges the gap between feeling isolated from family members. By learning basic computing skills to
assist in daily life including; emailing and video chatting this will help users to become digitally
included and communicate with family members regularly.

Build new relationships

The internet can improve self-esteem and well-being by connecting and enabling communications
with people who share the same interests. This builds a sense of community online, especially for
those who are less mobile.

Helps boost self esteem

Remain more independent by learning a new skill. Learning to use a smartphone or laptop can bring
additional confidence in older adults. Channel your boredom to improve your finance by getting paid to use Facebook, Twitter And Youtube.

Be aware of scammers

Elderly people are often targeted by scammers, and sadly can be receptive to online scammers
advances. Awareness and understanding of how to protect devices, finances and data from fraud and
abuse online will make users feel more secure and comfortable when using technology.

With COVID additionally impacting the ability for us all to remain social, in particular the elderly, it’s
more important than ever to keep in contact with family and friends, as well as building new
relationships digitally, to combat social isolation.

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