Computer training classes for adults

Upskill your team

Your team is an investment. The more you put into this investment, the bigger the payoff you will achieve. Won Connect CIC covers a range of computer training classes in Glasgow and across the UK to suit anyone’s ability and needs, so that you can confidently, and safely use technology to make your business better.

We have three profiles – Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced – each represents a different level of digital proficiency and skill level.

We are here to help

Empower your community

We deliver our computer training programmes in community centres, care homes, sheltered housing, housing associations and in-house, libraries.

Our Passion is to Empower older adult and non-technical individual with ICT Skills.We widen access to digital and computer skills training and facilities for older adults, non-technical individuals and disadvantaged groups in Scotland.

Online Distance Computer Learning in Glasgow Scotland and UK
Computer training classes for individuals

An educated and informed individual will be a free individual

Won Connect CIC empowers individuals by increasing technology and digital inclusion participation. We deliver a variety of digital and computer training classes in Glasgow and the UK to improve skills, employability, connectivity with peers, family, and friends, gain knowledge.

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