We are a social enterprise based in Glasgow. We specialise in all aspects of being online, from digital design services to digital skills training.

We can help you plan your career, acquire new digital skills or upskill your team with our courses. 

We are here to learn about you, your business or your organisation to give you the power of digital technology.


We reinvest our profits to fund free befriending events and ICT classes for the elderly community and other groups who may benefit from this, such as those looking for work. We want to create positive change, empower people and promote independence.

By using our services you help us to tackle social isolation, improve older people’s life and support communities.

donate and empower an older adult

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One of our aims at Won Connect CIC is to help non-technical individuals become independent and confident computer and technology users.

We deliver IT training classes in Glasgow and the UK to empower individuals with information and companionship, by solving everyday needs through IT and technology. More importantly, we raise awareness of online, finance and data fraud.


To promote the wellbeing of older people in Greater Glasgow and protect their assets against online fraud and abuse.

To empower older adults and non-technical individuals by increasing technology and digital inclusion participation, and narrow the digital divide

To effectively assist economic integration, improve living standards, and narrow the digital divide.

To offer our volunteers full-time and part-time permanent employment.


We offer digital and IT skills training in Glasgow and the UK from beginner to advanced level. Our dedicated tutors will adapt our curriculum to your needs and experience or deliver a bespoke solution to best support you on your digital journey.


Our tutors will guide you step by step on your learning journey, adapting our course curriculum to your needs 


Our courses will suit anyone's ability and needs so that you can confidently and safely use technology

Third-Sector Organisations

We deliver our courses in community centres, care homes, sheltered housing, housing associations & in-house

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