This course is for IT professionals who want to expand their knowledge in Cybersecurity or for those who want to make their transition into Cybersecurity role. 


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Course Takeaways

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at all the individuals who want to guide their future professional career in the area of Cybersecurity. This course is for you, if you are: 
  •  IT professional who wants to expand your knowledge of Cybersecurity in order to effectively manage your organisation’s information security.
  • IT manager who wants to gain a broad understanding of Cybersecurity at a decision-making level to assist you in identifying its role within your organisation
  • a System Admin who wants an understanding of potential Cybersecurity threats and security measures you should take in your rapidly growing organisation
  • Looking to make the transition into Cybersecurity role and want to equip yourself with the relevant niche skills needed to set yourself apart


This course assumes understanding of the computer and how it works. If you are not confident using a PC and mouse, then please take a look at our Digital Basic ICT course. You also need to know how to use the Internet to take this course. No Cybersecurity experience is required.

What will I learn?

  • Understand key terms and concepts in cyber security
  • Analyse threats and risks within context of the cybersecurity landscape
  • Evaluate decision making outcomes of cybersecurity scenarios
  • Understand and acquire comprehensive knowledge on the main concepts of cybersecurity
  • Obtain the expertise required in order to be able to build a career in cybersecurity
  • Take steps towards creating a cybersecurity culture within an organisation


How to enrol?

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Note: A group class requires a minimum of four people. 

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Harry R - Learner

The internet and computer security were very valuable and extremely useful. The trainer welcomed questions and responded to them appropriately. The trainer was very patient and knowledgeable.

Lauren S - Learner

I came with low expectations and can say that the programme was beyond my expectations. I have enjoyed every moment. I know now how to create document, create and reply to emails. Use Skype to communicate with my family.

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