Web Design & Web Development Fundamentals

Web Design & Web Development Fundamentals courses will walk you through the process of creating your business website using different software services. Learn useful tips how to create a website from scratch and step by step guide on how to secure it without learning how to code.
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Website Design Fundamentals

See decription below:

This module introduces the student to Website Design. If you require a web presence for your business, this course is for you.


If you are not confident using a PC and mouse, then please take a look at our Digital Basic ICT course. This course is designed for PC, Tablet and Laptop users.


This Website Design module is aimed at first-time website designers and those who require expert knowledge to make their sites more successful. Any other person willing to learn Web Design. Business owner, employees & basic users of Web Design.

Course description
  • Elements of a successful website.
  • Prioritising content.
  • How to attract traffic.
  • Proofreading.
  • How to effectively check all links.
  • Choosing a Hosting Provider.
  • Getting a domain name.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  • What is HTML.
  • Understanding web jargon.
  • Understanding Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome.
  • Using Adobe Dreamweaver to build your site.
  • Adding graphical content.
  • Image types.
  • Where to get good images.
  • Understanding copyright.
  • Important things to remember and tips.
  • Hosting Providers.
  • Uploading your website.
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
  • Publishing across an internal network.
  • Web communities.
  • Business Social Media.
  • Marketing with business Facebook.
  • Networking with Linkedin.
  • Blogging with Twitter.
  • Google Products.
  • Keyword research tools.
  • Using Google Analytics to understand traffic.
  • Creating Google Analytics Reports.
  • SEO resources.

Note: Private Classes are delivered in our training centre based in Govan or your chosen location. Your chosen location should be near Glasgow or surrounded area.

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