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Learn how to do online money transfers, use online payments system, manage your money and claim universal credit.

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Online Money

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The learner will learn how to use tools like online banking and PayPal and get useful tips for saving money online.


This module assumes a basic understanding of the computer and how it works. If you are not confident using a PC and mouse, then please take a look at our Digital Basic ICT course. This course is designed for PC, Smartphone and Tablets users.


This module is aimed at anyone who wants to learn all about online money transfers and the ways of saving money online.

Course description
  • Online Banking.

    Get an introduction to online banking.

  • How to Pay Your Taxes Online.

    Learn how to pay your taxes online.

  • How to Avoid Tax Scams.

    Use these handy tips to avoid online tax scams.

  • How to Get a Free Credit Report.

    Learn the steps to take to get a free credit report.

  • What is PayPal?

    Learn more about PayPal and how it works.

  • What is Venmo?

    Learn how Venmo works as an online money service.

  • What are Contactless Payments?

    Learn more about how contactless payments work.

  • Save Money with Free Budgeting Apps.

    Get tips for saving money using these free budgeting apps.

  • Getting Free Stuff.
    • Ditch Your Cable and Stream TV for Much Less.
    • Learn your TV streaming options if you’re considering cutting the cable cord.
  • Download Free E-Books from Your Local Library.

    Here’s how to download e-books from your local library.

  • The Best Websites for Free E-Books.

    These are the five best sites we’ve found for downloading free e-books.

  • The Best Websites to Download Free Music Legally.

    Here are the three best sites we’ve found for downloading free music.

  • Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office.

    Learn more about free alternatives to using Microsoft Office, including Google Docs, Office Online, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice.

Note: Private Classes are delivered in our training centre based in Govan or your chosen location. Your chosen location should be near Glasgow or surrounded area.

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