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Learn how to do online money transfers, use online payments system, manage your money and claim universal credit.

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Money Basics

See description below:

The learner will learn such skills as creating a budget, managing a checking account and planning for retirement.


It assumes a basic understanding of the computer and how it works. If you are not confident using a PC and mouse, then please take a look at our Digital Basic ICT course. This course is designed for PC, Smartphone and Tablets users. The user must understand technology tools.


This course is open to anyone who wants to know how to manage their finance.

Course description
  • Financial Basics.
    • Financial Problem – Solving Strategies.
    • Learn these financial strategies to help reach your goals.
  • Money Management.
    • Assessing How You Manage Money.
    • Learn how to manage your money safely.
  • Creating a Budget.Use these strategies to create a sound financial budget.
  • Credit.Learn all about how credit works.
  • Staying Out of Debt.Use these tips for staying out of debt.
  • Banking and Retirement.
    • Banking Options.
    • Learn your banking options so you can make the right choice.
  • Managing a Checking Account.Learn how to manage a checking account.
  • Managing a Savings Account.Learn how to manage a savings account.
  • Planning for Retirement.Use these tactics to develop and stick to a retirement plan.
  • Investment Options.Learn the investment options available to you.
  • Money in the Marketplace.
    • Shopping.
    • Get tips for buying everything from laundry detergent to your dream home.
  • Buying a Car.Use these car-buying tips and strategies when making a purchase.
  • Finding a Place to Rent.Get tips and advice so you are prepared when renting a property.
  • Buying a House.Learn all about the home-buying process, including where to look when searching for a home.
  • Budget Now – Before You Start Looking for a New Job.Learn how to budget so you can more freely search for your dream job.
  • Living Within Your Means.Use these handy tips for living within your means.

Note: Private Classes are delivered in our training centre based in Govan or your chosen location. Your chosen location should be near Glasgow or surrounded area.

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