Microsoft Office Skills

Improve your Microsoft Office Skills and learn how to build powerful presentations using PowerPoint.

Private Classes are delivered in our training centre based in Govan or your chosen location. Your chosen location should be near Glasgow or surrounded area.

Microsoft Office Skills

Learn about the Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, and Backstage view to produce Word 2016 documents.

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Learn about each of the four objects in Access to understand how they interact with each other to create a fully functional relational database.

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Learn all about Microsoft PowerPoint interface 2016 interface and how to design compelling slide presentations, edit them and share them with others.

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Learn how to use PowerPoint and PowerPoint Ribbon to build presentations.

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Learn Digital Skills


From beginner to advanced, we offer digital skills training workshops in Glasgow and online across the UK and abroad. Our workshops are short training classes delivered in-house, at your chosen location or online.

It is a great way to learn new skills and familiarise yourself with a topic you don't know well. A workshop can create a sense of community among team members and is ideal for groups with different learning speed or experience.

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Digital Skills training classes Glasgow and online
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