Internet Skills

Internet skills courses for adults in Glasgow and the UK define the skills and competencies necessary to use Internet safely. They offer a wide range of courses from Internet Basic Skills to Online Shopping Security.

Private Classes are delivered in our training centre based in Govan or your chosen location. Your chosen location should be near Glasgow or surrounded area.

Learn all about basic internet securty and safety and how to avoid internet fraud and protect yourself and your data.

Learn useful tips to tweak your internet and network connection and watch your internet experience improve. 

 Learn useful tips to protect your data from cybercriminals to improve your online shopping experience.

This course is designed to assist learners in the Adult Literacy and Employment Preparation. A program with the basic skills needed to navigate the Internet.  

Learn what online forms are and different ways to complete them (text boxes and multiple-choice answers) on a website and how to correct mistakes on them.

Learn how information is saved, what you are agreeing to when browsing the web and how to use data privacy to your advantage.

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