Private Computer Classes in glasgow


Book a membership for your Private Computer Classes in Glasgow and save £50 every month with this offer. Please fill in the form below to schedule a class, alternatively email us any requests you may have or give us a call. We will take care of everything from here with confirmation email and reminder messages. All you need to do is turn up and let our team work their magic for you. Enjoy!

Membership is only valid for one month for 4 private one-to-one classes in your chosen location. Your chosen location should be near Glasgow or surrounded area. Please use this form if you wish to renew your membership.

upskill yourself


We offer IT training courses and workshops for adults in Glasgow and online for both beginners with no computer skills and advanced users.

Whether you are taking first steps into IT( (how to use PC & mobile devices, Microsoft Office, Internet Skills, etc) or want to master advanced digital skills (website design & development, digital marketing and social media, and much more), we have a course for you!

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