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Won Connect CIC


Won Connect CIC is community interest company based in Glasgow which empowers individuals by increasing technology inclusion and digital participation.

We offer digital skills training classes in Glasgow and online which are suitable for both beginners who need to start from basics and advanced users who want to acquire new or improve existing skills.

We also keep an ear to the ground and awareness of online finance and data fraud to give you the tools to keep your family, devices, finances, and data safe.

who we are


One of our aims at Won Connect CIC is to help non-technical individuals become independent and confident computer and technology users.

We deliver IT training classes in Glasgow and the UK to empower individuals with information and companionship, by solving everyday needs through IT and technology. More importantly,we raise awareness of online, finance and data fraud.

empowering individuals


To promote the wellbeing of older people in Greater Glasgow and protect their asset against online fraud and abuse.

To empower older adults and non-technical individuals by increasing technology and digital inclusion participation, and narrow the digital divide

To effectively assist economic integration, improve living standards, and narrow the digital divide.

To offer our volunteers full-time and part-time permanent employment.

we reinvest our profits


Though we are a successful business, at our heart we believe in making the world a better place. That is why for every £6 you spend on us, we reinvest £1 to fund our free befriending events and ICT classes for the elderly improving the lives of people around us.

Our services are used to fundraise, to allow us to provide support and knowledge to those who need it. Just as the bees can’t make nectar without pollen, we can’t provide support without funding. We reinvest our profits back into the elderly community by creating free computer classes and befriending events for older adults.

donate and empower an older adult


We offer digital and IT skills training in Glasgow and the UK from beginner to advanced level. Our dedicated tutors will adapt our curriculum to your needs and experience or deliver a bespoke solution to best support you on your digital journey.


Empower your community
We deliver our computer training in community centres, care homes, sheltered housing, housing associations and in-house

Ready to start your journey?

Get in touch with us if you have any questions, inquiries or want to start your digital journey.

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